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What we do in 4 paragraphs

Amazon officially allows sellers to display a product with a 360 degree view. What is a 360 degree view? Simple. It's like an interactive video that lets Amazon customers visually inspect a product from any angle.

Perhaps you are wondering how a 360 view is made, from start to finish. For starters, what does the process look like? What is the technology stack behind it? What kind of software does it use? Does it need special photography equipment? How is 360 degree product image editing done? Is it captured with video, or with still photos? How many frames should a 360 view have? Where should it be embedded on a webpage and how long should it take to load to load?

You have certainly come to the right place.

SpinShot designs, manufactures and sells all of the hardware, software, services and educational resources for 360 views. We do it all. And we do everything in-house, too. This includes our AWS-hosted 360 viewer, our fully automated 360 photography equipment, our image editing ActionScripts, our training courses–everything. It's better that way. We also provide an ultra specialized 360 product photography service for select industries. Welcome to SpinShot.

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